Stephen Baxter is a British author of hard science fiction and alternate history novels. He writes the Xeelee Sequence, Destiny’s Children, NASA Trilogy, Manifold Trilogy, Mammoth Trilogy, Time Odyssey with Arthur C. Clarke, Time’s Tapestry, Long Earth with Terry Pratchett and the Proxima series.


Xeelee Books
Raft 1991
Timelike Infinity 1992
Flux 1993
Ring 1994
Vacuum Diagrams 1997
Starfall 2009
Gravity Dreams 2011
Xeelee Endurance 2015 Hardback 1/1
Xeelee an Omnibus (Raft, Timelike Infinity, Flux and Ring) 2010 Large Trade Format Paperback – first edition
NASA Trilogy
Voyage 1996 Paperback
Titan 1997 Paperback
Moonseed 1998
Web Books
Gulliverzone 1997
Webcrash 1998
Silverhair  (also Mammoth) 1999
Long Tusk 1999
Icebones 2001
Behemoth – all 3 in one Paperback
Time 1999 Paperback (different to Space and Origin as US version)
Space 2000 Paperback
Origin 2001 Paperback
Time Odyssey with Arthur C Clarke!
Time’s Eye 2003 Paperback, slightly different cover design to the 2nd and 3rd, not pictured
Sunstorm 2005 Paperback
Firstborn 2007 Paperback
Destiny’s Children
Coalescent – 1 2003 Paperback (all matching)
Exultant -4 2004 Paperback
Transcendent – 2 2005 Paperback
Resplendent – 3 2006 Paperback
Time’s Tapestry
Emperor 2006 Paperback
Conqueror 2007
Navigator 2007
Weaver 2008
Flood Books
Flood  2008 Advanced Review Copy
Ark 2009 Hardback 1/1
Northland Trilogy
Stone Spring 2010 Paperback large format current Wokingham library book! (I asked if they wanted it back and they said no!)
Bronze Summer 2011
Iron Winter 2012
Long Earth Books

Co written with Arthur C. Clarke

The Long Earth 2012 Hardback 1/1 (paperback pictured above)
The Long War 2013
The Long Mars 2014
The Long Utopia 2015 Hardback 1/1
The Long Cosmos 2016
Doctor Who
The Wheel of Ice 2012
Proxima 2013 Paperback (excellent BTW)
Ultima 2014 Large format trade paperback (ex library book)
Jones and Bennet Universe
The Paradox Conspiracy 2015
Sekret Machines Books
The Medusa Chronicles 2016
Standalone Novels
Anti-Ice 1993
The Time Ships 1995
The Light of Other Days

Co written with Arthur C. Clarke

2000 LG format trade PB 1/1– it is excellent, really interesting.  One of the examples of Stephen combining history and speculative fiction – speculative history maybe
Reality Dust 2000
Omegatropic 2001
Evolution 2002
The H-Bomb Girl 2007
The Massacre of Mankind (the sequel to the War of the Worlds by HG Wells) 2017 Hardback first edition first impression
Short Stories
Riding the Rock 2002
Mayflower II 2004
Project Clio 2016
Traces 1998
Phase Space: Stories from Manifold and Elsewhere 2002
The Hunters of Pangaea 2004
Imaginings, Vol. 2: Last and First Contacts 2012
Universes 2013
Non Fiction Books
Deep Future 1985
Revolutions in the Earth: James Hutton and the True Age of the Earth 2003
Ages in Chaos: James Hutton and the Discovery of Deep Time 2004
The Science of Avatar 2010

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