I have written about Margaret Atwood under the subject of classification – is she speculative fiction or just fiction. I have assigned her on this blog to a new category that of ‘non genre fiction!’ .

Here is a list of all the novels:

The Edible Woman 1969;  (got PB)

Surfacing 1972;

Lady Oracle 1976;

Life Before Man 1979;

Bodily Harm 1981; (got PB)

The Handmaid’s Tale 1985; (got PB)

Cat’s Eye 1988; (got PB)

The Robber Bride; 1993;  (got PB)

Alias Grace 1996; (got PB)

The Blind Assassin 2000; (got HB UK first edition first print)

Oryx and Crake  2003; (got HB UK first edition first print)

The Penelopiad 2005; (got HB)

The Year of the Flood 2009 (got HB)

MaddAddam 2013;

The Heart Goes Last 2015;

Hag-Seed, (The Tempest revisited, Hogarth Shakespeare Project)

The dates are the dates of the original publication and some of the UK publication dates are later.

There are loads of other words including children’s books, short stories etc. Some of the ones I have are as follows:

Bluebeard’s Egg 1983 ; (got PB)

The Labrador Fiasco (got PB)

The books I have are as follows:



(I have a spare hardback of the year of the flood if anyone wants it)

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