Ok so this was bought today 11th September 2018.  Bought from the lovely Wallingford Bookshop. That is the Wallingford Bookshop in Oxfordshire.  I didn’t know that there was a Wallingford in the USA and once had an email exchange with the Wallingford Bike shop about a part only to discover that they were on the other side of the world.  It is good to support local bookshops. I can get them slightly cheaper on line or from a chain but online wouldn’t deal with a call to them with the questions  – do you have it and can you check it has the complete number line. Thanks Wallingford Bookshop.

No review of this book as it hasn’t been read yet.

Apparently its his 19th novel and is the first of a new series called the Salvation Sequence.

Now Peter F Hamilton is a particular joy of mine in that a new work coming out is a rare and eagerly expected treat.  His first work was the The Night’s Dawn Trilogy  The three books are the Reality Dysfunction followed by The Neutronium Alchemist and The Naked God.   Space opera is sometimes used to describe it.   World building is my preferred term.    Who can ever forget Joshua Calvert in the Reality Dysfunction, the Lord of Ruin, Al Capone makes an appearance by the way plus of course Dudley Bose etc etc. Books that will stay with you for ever.

Thank you Peter for introducing me to the Dyson Spheres. Planning to retire to one !

This photo shows all of Peter’s books in UK hardback. There are other books, including the Nano Flower which were never published in the UK in hardback.    You need a big shelf as they stretch for 94 cm or nearly a metre.  When the other two books in the new trilogy, of which Salvation is the first, arrive they will easily hit more than a metre. I appreciate that an author’s output is not best measured by length but Peter’s books are intelligent, perceptive and pass the ‘what if’ test of getting you to think about what would happen if such and such a thing happened.  I note that there are two copies of Misspent Youth in the photo above.  That was caused by one of my lovely daughters finding a second copy signed by Peter in a charity shop and buying it for me – thank’s A.

Science Fiction by the way is speculative fiction about what might happen or could happen.  Fantasy is characterised by being about things that can’t happen. So if you are attacked by an elf: its fantasy but if you are attacked by a nano engineered gene spliced 3 foot spider it’s Science Fiction.

Many of the hardbacks are signed by Peter, not all of them. Usually he appears at Forbidden Planet with a new book launch and I get a copy and get it signed there.  A friend of mine once offered to take all my copies to Peter to get them signed but I pointed out that posting the best part of a metre of books was going to be expensive.

If and when Peter does a signing in Oxford then I might be tempted to take all of the unsigned ones to him in one go.

PS I know that the  books in the photo above are not in publication order: sorry – at the moment they are unshelved due to space issues!

The full list is as follows:

The Greg Mandel Books
-Mindstar Rising (1993) I have the Pan paperback
-A Quantum Murder (1994) –  I appear not to have this!
-The Nano Flower (1995) I have the Pan paperback

The Confederation Universe

The Reality Dysfunction (1996) (Night’s Dawn Trilogy Book 1) – signed first edition first impression. I also have the Pan paperbacks of all three of this trilogy as reading copies

The Neutronium Alchemist (1997) (Night’s Dawn Trilogy Book 2) first edition fourth impression

The Naked God (1999) (Night’s Dawn Trilogy Book 3) first edition third impression

Second Chance at Eden (1998) (Short Stories) But set in this universe. first edition first impression

-The Confederation Handbook (2000) first edition first impression

The Commonwealth Universe
–Misspent Youth (2002) 2 copies of the first edition first impression – one signed by Peter

The Commonwealth Saga
-Pandora’s Star (2004) first edition first impression
-Judas Unchained (2005) first edition first impression

The Void Trilogy
-The Dreaming Void (2007) first edition first impression
-The Temporal Void (2008) first edition first impression
-The Evolutionary Void (2010) first edition first impression

The Abyss Beyond Dreams (2014)  first edition first impression
Night Without Stars (2016) signed first edition first impression

the above two books mark the departure from the original cover artwork. They are dull, dull I tell you, compared to the original 12 book covers.

The Salvation Sequence
Salvation (September 2018) first edition first impression

Salvation 2 and 3 – not out yet.

Other books

Lightstorm (1998) (Book 5 of the Web series) – I think I have this one somewhere
Fallen Dragon (2001) first edition first impression (this is a particular favorite – stand alone novel with an AI algorithm !

Manhattan in Reverse (2011) signed first edition first impression – signed to Simon with best wishes by Peter on 6th October 2011 at Forbidden Planet in London (I kept the flyer)

Great North Road (2012) first edition first impression – set in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

So it appears I either haven’t got A Quantum Murder or can’t find it.


Here are all of them save perhaps the missing Quantum Flower and the paperback copies of books two and three of the Night’s Dawn Trilogy.   Somewhere in the house probably!

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